Storytelling 2019

Storytelling sessions are held in the library to inculcate a love for reading by parent volunteers twice a week: English on Wednesdays and Mother Tongue on Thursdays. The sessions take place during recess and stories are read in four languages: Tamil, Mandarin, Hindi and English.

Hindi storytelling was introduced this year and has piqued the interest of non-Hindi speakers wanting to learn the language. It is heartening to see students of different races showing an interest in the language and culture of another.

At the end of the reading, the girls are asked a number of questions to test their understanding of what they have heard. For each question asked, a prize is given out to one girl who answers correctly.

In addition, the girls are given reward cards and receive a stamp for each session that they attend. Every three stamps earns them a gift.

Drop us a line at if you would like to join us as a storyteller.

Mother Tongue Storytelling 2019
English Storytelling 2019
Storytelling Reward Board