Maths Recess Play 2019

Term 1’s Maths Recess Play was a resounding success with the help of a large number of parent volunteers. The girls enjoyed playing the logic games and earning points for their class. The games played in Term 1 were Where’s My Water?, Hoppers, Funny Animals Paradise, Balance Beans.

Both the girls and the parent volunteers are looking forward to Maths Recess Play in Term 2 and Term 3. Email us at if you would like to join us as a parent volunteer for Maths Recess Play.

Maths Recess Play 2019 - Animal Paradise
The girls trying their hand at Funny Animal Paradise.
Maths Recess Play 2019 - Hoppers
A Parent Volunteer providing a hint for the game of Hoppers.
Maths Recess Play 2019 - Balance Beans
Balance Beans is a firm favourite with the girls.

About Maths Recess Play

Maths Recess Play is organised by the SMPS Maths Department and takes place over two weeks (Tuesday to Thursday) in Terms 1, 2 and 3. The PTA assists with the coordination of the many parent volunteers that are required to run the four game stations over six days each term.

The girls enjoy playing the challenging logic games that help to build critical thinking skills. Games that the girls have played include Funny Animals Paradise, Rush Hour, Where’s My Water?, Balance Beans, Matchstick Puzzle, Hoppers and Tipper Crate.

The games are played at two levels: an easier Level 1 and a harder Level 2. The girls receive a stamp on their reward cards for each game completed. Each stamp earns points for their class and the class with the highest points wins.

Reward card
Reward card