Zoo-m Explorer Camp

A fun-filled two-session Animal Senses Zoo-m Explorer Camp run by Wildlife Reserves Singapore was held in August over two mornings.

In the first session, the children learnt about Dahlia, the baby Rhino, who lives at the Singapore Zoo. They discovered interesting facts about different animals, such as the meerkat, lion and giraffe. In the breakout rooms for Loose Part Play, the children were asked to find several items from their homes in a scavenger hunt and to devise a toy out of these items for the animals.

In the second session, from inside their homemade tents, the children used their DIY binoculars to spot animals and insects in the Fragile Forest. One of the animals that they were introduced to is the mouse deer and they learnt that only males have fangs that stick out of their mouths.

The children used their observation skills to answer questions posed by the hosts, and were encourage to contribute verbally, through the chat function, and by using the annotation tool.

The camp ended with the hosts telling a fun story about animals and singing a graduation song. The children had fun making animal movements each time an animal was mentioned.